TLDR: Become a better brand ambassador - use as a free influencer marketing tool. It allows your followers to easily view, save, share, and purchase items you promote on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social platform.

WishList provides links to the items brand ambassadors promote
Brand ambassadors organize all their products on for fans to buy, save and share

Brand ambassadors have steadily risen through the ranks of the top methods for brand and product promotion. But, contrary to popular belief, becoming a great brand ambassador is hard work. Building trust and credibility take time and effort. Because you influence others, it’s your responsibility to serve them right. It is not just about promoting products but also about guaranteeing that these things truly make a difference in their lives. 

Numerous premium and free influencer marketing tools help streamline and condense posts to make them accessible to your followers and viewers. Other influencer tools can speed up your work and optimize your posting stream. Some offer website builders or aggregate your links. They may also help brands interested in collaborating with you validate your work’s performance. WishList gives brand ambassadors access to all of these.

What is

WishList, as the name implies, is a platform where you list whatever product you wish to have. makes it easy to save everything you want in one place. “Everything” includes gifts you want to receive for special occasions, gift-giving inspirational ideas, and things you currently like.

WishList offers a free influencer marketing tool that streamlines your items so followers can easily view, save, share, and purchase them. Whether you’re an influencer on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social platforms, WishList simplifies all the items you’re promoting so your audience can easily view and follow them.

Why do brand ambassadors need WishList?

Any influencer marketing tool worth its salt offers a variety of perks to its customers. WishList offers multiple benefits, making it a versatile and indispensable tool.

Enhance influencer-follower relationship

Being an authority in your niche is crucial, but so is building a solid connection with your followers and viewers. WishList can help to improve this relationship with these features:

Visual Display. Viewers rarely have the time to locate and identify the items in your vlog or posts, or click on each link to find the item they’re looking for. WishList eliminates these time-consuming tasks. Having a Wishlist for each Reel, YouTube video, Instagram post, TikTok, or vlog enables your viewers to explore all things without having to rewind or fast-forward every 10 seconds. They may purchase, share, or save items from your WishList with a click of a button. As a brand ambassador, you’ll make your fans happy by keeping all the products you review in your WishList – one convenient location where fans can find all your stuff.

Keep all products you promote in one place on Fans can buy, share, or save your items to their own WishList.
Brand ambassadors use so fans can see all the items they promote in one place. Fans can buy, share, or save your items to their own WishList.

The visuals also save time for your followers, which is particularly useful when there are tons of items in one video. It’s much faster for them to see all the products at once rather than click on each link to find what they want.

One link. You may send your followers a customized link that will redirect them to all your WishLists and content across platforms.

Tags. You can group and tag each item so that it’s easier for your followers to locate them, like “summer essentials” or “fall outfit #1.”

Grow your own brand (as a brand ambassador)

WishList helps you grow the brands you work with and cultivate your personal brand. It lets you create your own shopping area or marketplace, a centralized place for followers to see all the items referenced in your videos and posts. Group items by brand or category, such as clothing, jewelry, electronics, software, baby products, appliances, arts and crafts, apps and games, and more.

Include photos of yourself wearing the outfits you’re promoting and links to their brands. You can also create monthly WishLists so your new followers can check out your previous lists.

If you have your own merchandise, you can add it to each WishList or create a WishList category exclusively for them. As such, new  followers, viewers, and even WishList users can begin following your work, find items they love, and then save them to their own WishLists, share them or buy them.

Earn brand ambassador affiliate commission

You can add your affiliate link to each item. When a follower purchases an item from your Wishlist, your affiliate link is already in place, guaranteeing your commission.

Boost viewer purchases

This is a huge selling point for brand sponsorships. When you have tons of items in your video, it gets frustrating for followers to track what they like. With WishList, they can easily browse to see which ones they want to save to their own WishLists and which products they want to buy.

Increase followers

Your WishList profile includes all your social media accounts. When WishList users find your items interesting or jive with your style, they can easily follow your social platforms directly from your WishList. Your WishList profile can also redirect new viewers to your website or blog.

Alternatively, your old followers on various social platforms can also be your WishList followers. They’ll get notified every time you add new items to your WishLists.

Provides shareable content

Your followers can help you spread the word about your work. WishList users often share items or your whole WishList with others through social media or email. They can also save one item, or a whole WishList, to buy and share stuff later. Using WishList to organize all the items you love in one place ensures your followers can effortlessly find and shop them at any time.

Save yourself time

Streamlining your WishList items will save you a lot of time. You don’t need to create multiple hyperlinks and detailed descriptions. You can simply add things to your WishList using the site’s browser button or the WishList app. Give the Wishlist link to your followers and they will have all the information they need.

Also, while you’re brainstorming ideas for future posts, you can add the items you may use to a new, private WishList. Edit the items and make your WishList public when you’re ready to post.

How To Get Started with WishList (as a brand ambassador)

To create a WishList account, simply:

WishList is a tool for brand ambassadors that offers numerous benefits and improves your followers’ sharing and purchasing habits. The best part is that it is completely free. Click here for more information.